Risk Management

Our risk management team take a disciplined approach to understanding your risk appetite and developing tolerance thresholds; modeling risks and their variance; providing an analysis of the projected impact of mitigation strategies; assisting you in determining optimal capital allocation; and considering the upside of risk to your business.

Managing risk across the organisation requires effective coordination. The information produced by the various businesses / segment and risk management functions in the risk assessment and analysis phases must be disseminated so that the right people are given the right information at the right time to make informed business decisions. Our Risk management team can assist you in determine the appropriate needs of your business, its management, and key constituents, and assists in the design of effective processes and controls.

We address concerns such as reducing organisational risk to an acceptable level, improving the value of your business, and addressing the changing environment within your industry.

Our Risk Consulting Services :

  1. Identify, characterize threats
  2. Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats/ Assess the scale of Risk
  3. Determine the risk (i.e. the expected likelihood and consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets) / and Develop Risk Response Strategy
  4. Identify the methods to reduce those risks
  5. Implement the Risk Management Strategy
  6. Implement and Monitor Controls
We can help find solutions.
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